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Australian first as EVOL LNG carries out LNG refuelling


In January 2017, under an agreement with Woodside, EVOL LNG, one of WesCEF’s businesses, successfully conducted Australia’s first commercial liquid natural gas (LNG) refuelling or bunkering as it is known in the industry to supply a vessel near Dampier in Western Australia. This was followed by the first LNG bunkering at Fremantle Port in February.

LNG is a cleaner fuel alternative to marine diesel, emitting less carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, almost zero sulphur oxides and fewer harmful particulates. If LNG makes contact with water it vaporises quickly leaving no residue or adverse impact on marine life or waterways, unlike the diesel alternative. In Fremantle, EVOL LNG supplies LNG at a price that is competitive with low sulphur marine diesel and can refuel ships at a rate that is comparable to traditional fuels.

If demand for lower emission fuels continues to grow, EVOL LNG will explore obtaining licences from other major Australian and regional Western Australian ports to conduct LNG bunkering operations, and look at investing in infrastructure to meet the market’s needs.