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Stakeholder engagement

We regularly and openly listen to our stakeholders to understand their expectations and how these might change. We welcome your feedback on our sustainability performance or reporting. 

At a Group level, Wesfarmers considers the interests of a wide cross-section of stakeholders in a variety of ways, determined by the actual or potential impact of our business on their interests. See below for more detail on how we communicate with particular stakeholder groups.

Every year, as part of our report preparation process, we conduct a stakeholder engagement survey to continually improve our communication on sustainability-related issues. Respondents identified the following issues as areas of interest, which are addressed in this report:

GRI 102-21, GRI 102-33, GRI 102-40, GRI 102-42, GRI 102-43, GRI 102-44, GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2, GRI 103-3, GRI 103-1 (Public Policy), GRI 103-2 (Public Policy), GRI 103-3 (Public Policy),