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Managing Director’s welcome

Wesfarmers Managing Director Richard Goyder's welcome video transcript

Welcome to the 20th Sustainability Report for Wesfarmers

Sustainability is core to the way we operate at the Group and we can only create value for all our stakeholders if we operate in a sustainable way in the communities and the environment we operate in.

At Wesfarmers we're committed to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and those ten principles underpin our sustainability strategies.

We're doing some really great things in the Group on the sustainability front. Importantly, safety is a really key focus and our recordable injuries fell 16 per cent last year. But we maintain a really strong focus on ensuring that all our employees are safe.

On diversity, we now employ more than 4000 Indigenous team members across the Group and last year, Coles alone, employed another 1400 Indigenous people. I'm really pleased with the work we are doing on that front.

In terms of ethical sourcing, last year we audited more than 5000 factories that are supplying our businesses and we're really committed to ensuring that our supply chains are operated in an ethical and sustainable way.

In other areas we've got work to do. We're striving to ensure that we can look for more opportunities to save on energy and reduce our carbon footprint.

In terms of water use and waste, as the Group grows we're looking to see how we can become more efficient and reduce our footprint as well.

In terms of women in leadership roles or gender balance, we don't have enough women in senior roles across the Group at the moment and we're very focused to ensure that in the years ahead we'll have a better gender balance in management positions. Given that more than 50 per cent of our employees across the Group are female this is very important.

One of the areas I'm really pleased about is the community contributions we make and last year we contributed, directly and through our staff and customers, more than $130 million to community groups across the country. At a Wesfarmers Limited level, these contributions were made in the areas of medical research, education and the arts.

We continue to make a difference. This year we celebrate with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra 20 years of supporting each other. This partnerships ensures that WASO makes a wonderful contribution to Western Australia.

We've made significant contributions to groups like Harry Perkins in medical research and Clontarf in terms of developing young Aboriginal men. It's these things that we can do as a successful company that really reinforces the good things Wesfarmers is doing in the communities in which we operate.


Richard Goyder AO

Managing Director

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