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Australia First at Coles

Coles has an Australia first sourcing policy to source Australian-grown food whenever and wherever it can. Coles sources more than 96 per cent of fresh fruit and vegetables from Australian growers, 100 per cent of fresh milk and eggs, and 100 per cent of fresh meat for the meat department from Australian producers.

Coles is supporting Australian producers and growers with new and extended long-term contracts. During the year, Coles signed a 10-year agreement with TOP Pork Pty Ltd which paves the way for 12 Victorian and South Australian farming families to supply sow stall free pork directly to Coles each week. In 2015, Coles entered into a ten-year agreement with Sundrop Farms to supply tomatoes and in 2016, secured an eight-year agreement with Manbulloo Mangoes.

During the year Coles extended its milk contract with Norco. The original five-year contract signed in 2014, has been extended until 2023 with Coles having an option to extend to 2026. Under the agreement, around 220 New South Wales and Queensland dairy farmers will supply 60 million litres of Coles Brand milk annually.

Under a supply contract with Simplot, which has been extended until 2024, Coles has committed to sourcing an additional six million kilograms a year of Australian-grown vegetables which was previously sourced from overseas.

Country of origin

The Federal Government’s new country of origin labelling scheme comes into effect in July 2018. Over 300 Coles Brand products now bear labels that better support transparency around product origin.

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