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Sustainable cocoa

Kmart and Target sell chocolate products throughout the year, particularly at Christmas and Easter time. These businesses believe they have a responsibility to work with the cocoa industry and their partners to ensure that cocoa is sourced sustainably for use in their house-branded products. In early 2017 Target and Kmart launched a project to develop a sustainable cocoa and chocolate policy.

Both businesses announced to their suppliers that all cocoa ingredients used in their house-branded products must comply with one of their preferred sustainable cocoa standards, either Cocoa Horizons (Barry Callebaut) or UTZ (any certified supplier), by 30 June 2019.

Implementation has commenced and it is expected that the first sustainably-labelled house brand products will appear in Target's stores by Christmas 2017 and Kmart stores by Easter 2018.

All Coles Brand tea and coffee is now obtained from certified sources (UTZ, Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance) and by 2020 the aim is to source all Coles Brand chocolate from certified sources.