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Safety initiatives

Each of our businesses has undertaken safety initiatives this year that target their particular safety risks. Some of those initiatives include:

  • WesCEF launched its 'Safe Person Commitments' to reinforce its expectations of all employees when performing high risk tasks. It also improved its understanding of human error and reduced the opportunities for safety errors to occur.
  • Bunnings ran a number of initiatives throughout the year to increase safety awareness and address key areas of risk. These included improved merchandising guidelines to prevent falling stock, phase two of the ‘Making the Invisible … VISIBLE’ video (sprain and strain prevention), and a number of 'Protect Your Hands' campaigns. The business also launched the ‘Rita the Ruler’ video which focuses on maintaining the three-metre exclusion zone around an operating forklift, and a new SMS safety alert system for all forklift operators to communicate urgent updates around forklift safety.
  • Officeworks continued to focus on safer manual handling. Several initiatives were implemented to improve manual handling practices, including a comprehensive data review to identify high-risk activities and the controls in place to mitigate the risk of injury.
  • Target introduced a safety leadership training module for store management, delivering a safety focus week and development of supply chain safety processes. The focus for next year is to implement safety leadership training across stores, distribution centres and support offices.
  • WIS has developed a new four-pillar 'Health, Safety and Wellbeing strategy' which includes activities related to governance, operational excellence, physical and psychological wellbeing.
  • Coles’ commitment to mental health is reflected in its 'Mind Your Health program' which provides a range of online resources to support team members. This year, five wellbeing pillars were introduced to improve mental wellbeing in the workplace and at home. These pillars are to Be Mindful, Stay Connected, Be Active, Keep Learning and Give Back. To complement the program, four online tutorials were launched providing team members with practical ways to create a mentally healthy workplace, promote personal mental health and enable effective mental health conversations, both in and outside the workplace.
  • Curragh embarked on a comprehensive review of its safety and health management system, undertaken in consultation with the mine’s workers. The review encompasses all identified high priority safety and health procedures, and will ensure an acceptable level of risk from our mining activities. The review is continuing until the end of the next financial year.