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Workplace relations

More than 83 per cent of our workforce is covered by collective agreements. We recognise the right of those we employ to negotiate either individually or collectively, with or without the involvement of third parties. Collective agreements typically include provisions for notice periods and provisions for consultation and negotiation. We also believe in maximising the flexibility of workplace arrangements available to our employees.

This year, workplace relations at Coles received some attention. The Fair Work Commission declined to approve a new enterprise bargaining agreement covering all Coles store team members. Following that decision, the majority of Coles team members are now covered by the 2011 Store Team Enterprise Agreement. Most meat team members are covered by state-based agreements and a small number of team members (Coles Online customer service agents) are covered by the General Retail Industry Award.

In July 2016, an individual Coles team member filed an application to terminate the 2011 agreement. This matter is currently before the Commission.

GRI 102-41, GRI 407-1, GRI 103-1, GRI 103-2, GRI 103-3