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Training and development

Wesfarmers is committed to providing strong skills-based training and leadership development to all employees. In addition to on-the-job training, Wesfarmers divisions provide job-specific training opportunities as well as more general training opportunities covering areas like technical skills, customer service, team work and leadership. These programs are available to full-time, part-time, and casual employees.

The Wesfarmers Leadership Model

The Wesfarmers Leadership Model and development approach does not aim to pursue a model of leadership ‘perfection’ where our leaders must be strong on every capability. Instead, we support our leaders to be aware of their strengths and development areas and to keep learning.

Our approach to developing our leaders involves individual development investments, including 360 assessment, development planning, external coaching and mentoring. In addition we provide collective learning experiences – through business schools and exceptional executive educators. We are continuing to renew our suite of offers including in-person workshops, virtual classrooms and online learning. In addition to developing our leaders we also ensure that we connect them to Wesfarmers leaders, our values and each other. We do this through events such as Wesfarmers Way breakfasts and lunches for new general managers with the Group Managing Director, Group Finance Director and Chief Human Resources Officer. We also hold 'WES talks' events several times a year, where senior leaders bring our values to life through personal storytelling.

At Group level our focus is on developing leadership talent for our critical senior roles. To facilitate this we have a Wesfarmers Leadership Model that defines what ‘good’ looks like for Wesfarmers leaders.

The Group Managing Director meets biannually with each division to review senior leaders performance and development, succession plans for critical roles and the pipeline of high-potential leaders. Particular focus is placed on ensuring that this pipeline reflects the diversity of our workforce.

We are also focused on training our more junior full-time or part-time team members. Depending on the team member's role and responsibilities, we offer such training opportunities as first aid, Microsoft Excel courses, people management training, unconscious bias training and LinkedIn profile building.