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robust governance



Robust governance

We maintain robust corporate governance policies in all our businesses.

Robust governance

Wesfarmers corporate office team member Vivian Chiam

Set out below is an overview of selected aspects of Wesfarmers’ corporate governance framework and key focus areas of the Board and its committees in 2017. A copy of Wesfarmers’ full 2017 Corporate Governance Statement, which provides detailed information about governance, and a copy of Wesfarmers’ Appendix 4G which sets out the company’s compliance with the recommendations in the third edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principles and Recommendations (ASX Principles) is available on the corporate governance section of the company’s website.  The Board believes that the governance policies and practices adopted by Wesfarmers during 2017 are in accordance with the recommendations contained in the ASX Principles.

GRI 102-16, GRI 102-18, GRI 102-22, GRI 102-23, GRI 102-24, GRI 102-25, GRI 102-32, GRI 102-56, GRI 405-1, GRI 415-1