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Reducing water use

This year, the Group recorded water use of approximately 16,000 megalitres. Of this, 32 per cent is reclaimed and recycled water at the Curragh mine site. This represents an increase in water use by three per cent due to the growth of our business to include 255 Homebase and Bunnings UK and Ireland stores and a seven per cent increase in water use at Curragh mine due to a 14 per cent increase in production. 

Since raw water saving initiatives were introduced in 2014, Curragh has cut back consumption of raw water by almost one-third. This means the team is exceeding its target of a five per cent annual reduction, and has achieved a further eight per cent reduction this financial year from the prior year's raw water usage.

In 2016, infrastructure was installed to connect harvested water to Curragh’s industrial water system. Flows were initially lower than expected, but a change of filter type fixed the issue and saved water. Curragh now has the capacity to blend more harvested water with less raw water for industrial applications, therefore reducing the mine’s reliance on raw water as the primary water source.

Municipal supply includes surface water from our mine Curragh. Recycled and reclaimed water includes rainwater.