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Helping customers recycle

Our retailers understand that our environmental responsibilities extend beyond the time a product leaves our stores and they continue to support the circular economy through customer recycling programs.

Some highlights of our customer recycling initiatives during the year include:

  • Officeworks collected more than one million printer cartridges for recycling through the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program during the year. In addition, more than 400 tonnes of computers and accessories and the equivalent weight of over 45,000 mobile phones were collected. The 400 tonnes of computers and accessories translates to the separation and reuse of over 345 tonnes of metal, 44 tonnes of plastic, 20 tonnes of circuit boards and six tonnes of glass.
  • Officeworks applied the Australian recycling label to more than 800 Officeworks products to make it easier for customers to recycle product packaging.
  • Bunnings continued to drive product stewardship initiatives on a local level for products including batteries, plastic pots and paint. In June 2017, the Bunnings Alexandria Warehouse hosted a paint collection day run by Paintback, collecting more than 3.4 tonnes of paint for recycling.
  • Coles continued its REDcycle plastic packaging recycling program. Through the program, Coles' customers can recycle plastic bags and soft plastic packaging using specially marked bins at the front of more than 670 participating stores. Coles recycling partner, Replas, then converts the plastic into new products, including outdoor furniture. Last year, an additional 149 Coles stores across Australia introduced soft plastic recycling through REDcycle. Most Coles Online customers can also recycle their soft plastics by providing them to their delivery driver for collection.