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waste and water use



Waste and water use

We strive to reduce our waste to landfill and water use.

Waste and water use

During the year Bunnings maintained a strong focus on sending less waste to landfill by providing more resources and tools for team members and seeking innovative waste management solutions.

We are working to reduce our waste to landfill intensity rate and to divert as much as possible to recycling, both in our operations and for our customers.

Water management is a material issue for WesCEF, Resources, Coles and Bunnings. Senior management of those businesses is responsible for assessing and managing water related risks and opportunities and their divisional boards have oversight of these strategic risks and opportunities. We recognise that Australia is a highly water stressed country and our focus is on using water more efficiently, reducing our water use intensity rate and replacing scheme water with reclaimed or recycled water where possible. 

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