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Reducing operational environmental impact

Officeworks continues to implement programs to reduce its operational impact on the environment.

Energy efficiency was further improved by rolling out LED lighting to an additional 35 stores and installing building energy management systems in another nine stores. As a consequence of this work, 63 per cent of stores now have LED lighting in place. Based on the energy efficiency program, Officeworks energy consumption per store has reduced by more than 9.8 per cent in the past twelve months.

Officeworks recycled 64 per cent of total waste generated and appointed a new waste and recycling provider during the year.

In the last 12 months Officeworks consolidated three Queensland distribution centres into one new distribution centre. The consolidation of these facilities, along with a number of efficiency improvements implemented at the same time, has resulted in less vehicles on the road delivering stock to stores, a positive environmental outcome.

Energy use


2017   0.2
2016   0.2
2015   0.2
2014   0.2
2013   0.2



tonnes '000
2017   4
2016   5
2015   4
2014   3
2013   3
2017   3
2016   2
2015   2
2014   2
2013   2
Waste recycled data includes customer recycling initiatives.