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Operating efficiently and responsibly

WesCEF recognises its obligation to operate in a responsible manner that meets stakeholder expectations. Unfortunately, during the year, there were 25 occasions when environmental, occupational health and safety, security or process safety regulatory requirements were not fully met. None of these recorded events resulted in any material environmental harm, injury, prosecution or fine. Click here for additional information on these events.

In 2016, WesCEF closed down its PVC manufacturing facility in Laverton, Victoria, which was no longer viable to operate. During the year WesCEF has decontaminated and demolished the facility and is currently determining a remediation plan that responsibly addresses any legacy contamination issues.

During the year a detailed data analysis was conducted to evaluate the efficiency of raw materials usage in AGR’s sodium cyanide plant. As a result of this analysis, and subsequent plant modifications, yield has improved by more than four per cent.