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Employee safety and wellbeing

At WesCEF the safety vision is to achieve a workplace free of potential safety events which could seriously harm our workforce.

WesCEF has continued to reduce injuries over many years. This year, it had six recordable injuries, compared to 22 last year. As a result, the total recordable injury frequency rate reduced by 72 per cent to 2.2, and the lost time injury frequency rate reduced by 77 per cent to 0.7.

Contributing to our improved performance has been a systematic approach in support of good decision making and minimising risk. WesCEF launched the 'Safe Person Commitments' to reinforce its expectations of all employees when performing high risk tasks. It also grew its understanding of human error and reduced the opportunities for errors to occur.

The employee wellbeing program, Wellness at WesCEF, was launched in May and will initially focus on mental health.

Safety performance


total recordable injury frequency rate
2017   2.2
2016   7.81
2015   5.3
2014   9.5
2013   13.0
1Restated due to maturation of data