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Bunnings UK and Ireland safety

Safety is a key focus and Bunnings UK and Ireland is committed to ensuring everyone goes home safe each day. New metrics were introduced to better understand and communicate safety performance, and to promote an open and honest safety culture. This resulted in a 33 per cent increase in incident and near miss reporting during the year when comparing the figures from July to December 2016 and January to June 2017 reporting periods.

Several safety initiatives were run throughout the year to increase safety awareness and address key areas of risk. This included the ‘Go Home Safe’ and ‘Caught Being Safe’ campaigns, which helped to personalise and simplify the safety message. Safer cutting tools were also introduced to reduce the risk of hand cuts and lacerations. ‘Forklift Forums’ were also successful in increasing safety awareness around forklifts and stock at height, our two highest risk work activities.

The safety journey from ‘compliance to care’ continues, with the recent introduction of a more targeted safety strategy. The Bunnings Health and Safety Strategy includes four objectives focusing on caring for its teams, increasing leadership engagement, reducing risks and preventing injuries.