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Bunnings UK and Ireland


Bunnings team members Andy Herst, Melanie Templeman, Simon Woodhall and Ben Wells at the Bunnings Warehouse in Broadstairs, United Kingdom

Bunnings acquired Homebase in February 2016 and opened the first Bunnings Warehouse in the United Kingdom and Ireland in February 2017. Bunnings has long-term investment plans in the UK and Ireland, and aspires to become the leading retailer of home improvement and garden products in that market.

At year-end, four Bunnings Warehouse pilot stores and 251 Homebase sites operated, employing approximately 12,000 team members.

Bunnings defines sustainability as being actions that are socially responsible and environmentally aware and economically viable. As it continues to grow there will be a strong focus on driving energy efficiency, waste reduction and ethical sourcing actions across the business.

Bunnings United Kingdom and Ireland focused on the following material issues during the year:

  • Ensuring that it maintains good support internally and within the wider community to grow its community involvement in a sincere, localised and meaningful manner;
  • Maintaining strong processes to ensure product sourcing continues to meet or exceed the requirements of local and global standards;
  • Maintaining and, where feasible, increasing current levels of waste reduction and recycling (on a like-for-like site basis) and finding new ways to reduce its reliance on grid-sourced energy, with a view to achieving further cost-effective reductions in overall carbon footprint; and
  • Maintaining a positive safety performance trend as it continues to grow its business, increase its store network and employ more team members.