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Bunnings Australia and NZ waste reduction and packaging

Bunnings is committed to integrating sustainability throughout its business operations, including sending less waste to landfill.

With an increased focus on team member led initiatives and innovative waste management Bunnings decreased its waste to landfill intensity rate at 2.5 tonnes of landfill per $1 million dollars of revenue, compared to 2.9 tonnes the previous year. In total, 65.1 per cent of waste was diverted from landfill across the business.

Highlights included metro Sydney stores achieving an 85 per cent diversion rate, and metro Adelaide stores diverting over 95 per cent of waste from landfill.

During the year Bunnings also continued its national program in Australia to reuse and recycle plain timber pallets, utilising the backload capacity of vehicles. The 210 participating stores reused more than 41,000 timber pallets, diverting more than 1,040 tonnes from landfill.

Bunnings also continued to drive product stewardship initiatives on a local level for products including batteries, plastic pots and paint. In June 2017 its Alexandria Warehouse hosted a paint collection day run by Paintback, resulting in over 3.4 tonnes of paint being collected for recycling.

Bunnings will continue to actively drive more product initiatives to help customers make sustainable living choices in the next financial year.



tonnes '000
2017   28
2016   31
2015   28
2014   25
2013   21
2017   28
2016   42
2015   38
2014   36
2013   30