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Safety, security, health and wellbeing of our team members and customers


Target had its safest year in its history, recording our lowest ever injury frequency rates and number of injury claims. Target’s Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate declined by 35.2 per cent on last year to 2.9 and Total Recordable Injuries declined by 2.6 per cent to 28.7.  As a result of this positive performance, new claims reduced by 28.5 per cent on the previous year and Target recorded a reduction of $800,000 in its workers compensation premium.

Key safety projects delivered for the year included the introduction of a safety leadership training module for Target store management, delivery of most successful safety focus week and development of Supply Chain safety processes. The focus for this coming year is to implement safety leadership training across stores, distribution centres and support offices to help improve Target’s safety record even further.


The health, safety and security of Target's team members are paramount. To ensure the security of team members, a security guard was appointed at our Geelong Store Support Office; providing security services such as floor walks, walking team members to their cars, first aid support and incident response.  Target also implemented security improvements to the store support building to continue to keep team members safe.

In stores, the ‘push to talk’ communication initiated to improve customer service had a surprising add-on benefit by allowing team members to alert each other of concerns within the store. Not only did this help to mitigate theft, it also provided team members with a faster response when dealing with issues.

Health and wellbeing

Target recognises the importance of its teams’ health and wellness. Throughout the year, team members were encouraged to participate in initiatives to reduce stress and improve fitness. Some of these included health and fitness offers, mindfulness sittings, yoga classes and boot camp sessions. The upcoming year will see the introduction of a health and wellbeing program across all levels of the business to help team members maximise their physical and psychological health.  To support this strategy, a Workers Compensation and Well Being Manager has recently been appointed.

Safety Performance


total recordable injury frequency rate
2017   28.7
2016   29.41
2015   30.3
2014   38.0
2013   43.7
1Restated due to maturation of data.