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Sourcing materials sustainably

As part of its commitment to use natural resources responsibly, in the past year Kmart launched a project to develop a sustainable materials strategy.

Starting with a comprehensive list of materials used in our products, Kmart's specialist advisors, RESET Carbon, conducted a social and environmental risk assessment of each material to assist with prioritisation. A final list of high priority materials was identified, which now form the basis of a long-term roadmap for action. These materials are: cotton, cocoa, palm oil, wood and pulp, down and feathers, and plastics.

Building on the strategy, Kmart set the following long-term targets:

  • By 1 July, 2019, all cocoa ingredients used in Kmart brand products will be sourced through a sustainable cocoa standard; and
  • By 1 July, 2020, all cotton used in Kmart brand and licensed brand products will be sourced through a sustainable cotton standard.

For more information on why Kmart developed a policy and target on sustainable cocoa, please see here.