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Contributing to the community

Kmart introduced its new community focus this year, which aims to help young people thrive by supporting programs and organisations focused on youth self-resilience and wellbeing. In line with this new focus, its spare change program introduced two new beneficiaries - Headspace and the Reach Foundation - in selected states. Overall, $160,000 was raised through the spare change program, with an additional $110,000 provided in gift cards and goods to support local communities.

The Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal continued to collect gifts and funds for families and individuals needing help at Christmas and beyond with The Salvation Army and Mission Australia distributing aid to their clients. During the year 387,318 gifts were collected and $242,000 raised across Australia and New Zealand. The appeal is set to celebrate 30 years in 2017 and will look to showcase community champions and team members that have supported the tradition of the Appeal over the years.

Kmart donated $30,000 in gift cards to The Salvation Army to help bring relief to Queensland and New South Wales communities affected by Cyclone Debbie and her aftermath. The funds enabled The Salvation Army to assist people impacted by the extreme weather to restock on essential items.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne was lit up again with a giant Christmas tree in the main foyer and smaller trees throughout the hospital installed by Kmart team members, family and friends. Children unable to leave the hospital were also able to enjoy gifts donated by Kmart.

Internationally, Kmart continued to support the work of OneSky in China, Room to Read in Bangladesh and the Salaam Baalak Trust in India. 

Community contributions


2017   8.0
2016   8.2
2015   9.0
2014   10.7
2013   9.4
2017   1.61
2016   1.0
2015   1.2
2014   0.9
2013   1.3
1 Methodology for estimating the value of goods donated by Kmart was updated to align more accurately with St Vincent de Paul's measurement of similar corporate donations, resulting in a significant increase.

 In FY17 Kmart’s calculation methodology for estimating the value of goods donated from head office was updated to align more accurately with St Vincent de Paul’s measurement of other corporate donations of materials. This has resulted in a significant increase in the estimated value of goods provided by Kmart this year.