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Hoping to halt heart disease


As a founding supporter of the Perkins, Wesfarmers recognises the value in cultivating and supporting medical research for our future generations.

This year, the Perkins appointed the first Wesfarmers Chair in Cardiology – Professor Girish Dwivedi, one of the few heart specialists in the world with expertise in using a range of sophisticated cardiac imaging technology. His work has the potential to accurately predict which patients are likely to suffer a heart attack.

Perkins’ Director, Professor Peter Leedman, said Professor Dwivedi’s research is cutting edge.

“We know the most common cause of heart disease and stroke is the build-up of plaque in arteries, but the key is knowing how to identify whether the plaque will remain stable and be harmless or rupture and cause a heart attack.

“Most people don’t realise how common heart disease is, for women as well as men. It will be a major breakthrough if a cost effective and safe technique of scanning patients can be developed that identifies the plaque likely to rupture,” said Professor Leedman.

As part of the Perkins approach to connect research with patient treatment, Professor Dwivedi will work both as a lead researcher in the Perkins laboratories and practice as a cardiologist at the Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, Western Australia.

The Perkins is one of the nation’s leading adult medical research centres, with a mission to conduct innovative research that translates into lasting health benefits.

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