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Improving working conditions in Officeworks’ supply chain


The Officeworks ethical sourcing policy applies to suppliers of all products sold at Officeworks. The policy is based on international standards prescribed by the International Labour Organisation and the Ethical Trading Initiative.

All suppliers are required to demonstrate ethical sourcing practices through either an established rigorous ethical program or the completion of a Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex) questionnaire and commitment to continuous improvements. Officeworks is a member of Sedex the world’s largest collaborative platform for sharing responsible sourcing data on supply chains.

Officeworks reviews all Sedex questionnaires and works with suppliers to ensure their compliance to Officeworks’ policy. Collaboration between Officeworks and suppliers to improve their ethical sourcing practices may include audits, ongoing monitoring and continuous improvement by means of a remediation plan. To date, 861 factories have been registered to Sedex and 495 audits have been undertaken. Officeworks has gained greater transparency of it’s supply chain by mapping 90 per cent of our purchases back to the manufacturing site.