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Extending the corporate uniform lifecycle at Workwear Group


Workwear Group creates both bespoke and catalogue corporate uniforms for some of Australia’s leading organisations.

As part of extending the life and usefulness of branded uniforms, Workwear Group gathers stocks of old and obsolete corporate uniforms several times a year and removes corporate branding from the garments so they can be re-used.

De-branded uniforms are then:

  • Donated locally to refugee centres and church groups for distribution to the homeless and low income families; and
  • Shipped overseas to countries like Somalia for use by disadvantaged communities.

This program has been running since 2010.

In response to customer demand, Workwear Group has established expertise in sourcing and incorporating recycled materials in its corporate uniform range for clients including Qantas, Australia Post, National Australia Bank and the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.


  • The iconic trilby hat worn by Qantas stewardesses is formed entirely from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles;
  • Australia Post are introducing a new print to their women’s range of blouses and dresses where the polyester base uses 50% recycled polyester yarns;
  • For the last refresh of NAB’s uniform, a suiting fabric was introduced which incorporates 20% recycled polyester; and
  • The Workforce and Technical Officials at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games will use a tote bag made entirely from recycled PET bottles.

NNT New Catalogue range
In addition, the new NNT catalogue range has introduced a sustainable component to its new suiting range with 10% ‘Zentra’™ yarn content. The raw material used to make Zentra™ fibres is derived from corn – a renewable source adding stretch benefits to the fabric.

NNT’s new Active Scrubs launched in February 2017 uses an anti-bacterial blended fabric comprising 31% Tencel™. This is an easy care fibre derived from wood pulp. The wood is harvested from tree plantations that are managed sustainably.

These initiatives all support Workwear Group’s commitment to developing uniform ranges that are modern, professional and sustainable.