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Coregas and Bluescope collaborate to reduce waste to landfill

Coregas is an industrial, medical and specialty gas company. Part of its production processes involve producing acetylene for welding at its production facility in Yennora, New South Wales.

A by-product of the acetylene process is that a lime slurry waste product is created that previously was disposed of through conventional landfill methods.

Last year, engineers from BlueScope Steel and Coregas collaborated to develop a solution that diverted this waste from landfill to BlueScope’s Port Kembla steel works.

The BlueScope Steel refinery at Port Kembla must refine a highly acidic pickling sludge to meet strict Environmental Protection Authority requirements before disposal. When the alkaline Coregas lime is added to the pickling sludge, BlueScope can safely dispose of its waste and as a result, no lime slurry waste from the Coregas acetylene plant ends up in landfill.

This approach has been underway since May 2016 and to date, 3,000 tonnes of lime slurry waste has been diverted from landfill for Coregas, and for its customer BlueScope, Coregas has provided a cost effective solution to an environmental problem.