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Bunnings UK and Ireland replaces bags with boxes


Bunnings UK and Ireland is committed to reducing supply chain resource waste and achieving greater packaging efficiencies, as well as helping customers make sustainable living choices.

In Homebase, box bays were introduced to offer customers a recycled box to carry their items as an alternative to reusable and single-use carrier bags. The initiative came as part of a waste review, which aimed to highlight best practices and re-focus team members on the importance of efficient and cost effective waste disposal.

Single use carrier bags per transaction are down 18 per cent (May 2016 to April 2017). 

Waste from cardboard for recycling is down two thirds.

Feedback has been very positive with one customer commenting: “I think that’s brilliant, why isn’t it done more?”.

In Bunnings Warehouse pilot stores, single or reusable carrier bags are not available. Instead, customers can use surplus packaging to take products home or have the option to purchase a tote bag. 

*May 2016 to April 2017