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Target and UnitingCare giving families a helping hand for 25 years


The Target and UnitingCare Christmas Appeal has been launched in Target stores in early November every year for the past 25 years.

The Appeal aims to make Christmas more special for thousands of disadvantaged Australians of all ages who, for various reasons, are unable to celebrate Christmas with gifts.

Over its history, the Appeal has collected in excess of 1.7million gifts. In 2015, the campaign was expanded to include cash donations through the purchase of gift tags at Target checkouts, raising more than $1.7million over the past two years.

One in eight Australians live in poverty. Many of these people turn to UnitingCare to put food on the table, buy gifts for their loved ones, and provide temporary accommodation over Christmas. Thanks to the generosity of the Australian community, UnitingCare and Target have been able to work together to assist people in need at Christmas.


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