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Target and CARE helping mothers deliver healthy babies


Image credit: Care/Melinda Kenny

More than 60 per cent of Bangladesh’s population live without proper health services. Sadly, 28 newborn babies die for every 1,000 live babies born.

Since 2014, Target has partnered with CARE to deliver the Safe Motherhood Project which supports women and their families in Gazipur, Bangladesh by improving access to healthcare.

By training health workers and supporting clinics, the project is providing women and their families with better maternal and infant health services so that children can get a better start in life.

Shukla (pictured) was introduced to the Safe Motherhood Project’s Community Support Group early in her pregnancy. When Shukla was in labour, the group raised funds to pay for her transport to the hospital where she could deliver her baby safely, along with food and medicine during her stay. Both mother and baby are healthy and well.

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