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Kmart fosters an inclusive environment


Kmart is committed to creating an inclusive culture, where all team members, customers, contractors and suppliers feel welcome and respected, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, nationality, age, ability, sexual orientation or appearance.

The employment of people with (dis)abilities* remained a key focus for Kmart this year. The business reviewed its recruitment process with the support of disability service provider Mylestones and the Australian Network on Disability, to ensure people with (dis)abilities could participate equitably in the process and felt safe in Kmart stores. This was achieved by providing workplace adjustments and by developing a job dictionary, which is used to match a candidate’s abilities with the inherent requirements of a role in store. This new process, along with team members who approached stores directly, resulted in Kmart employing a total of 70 people with (dis)abilities during the year, exceeding its target of 50.

In the future, Kmart intends to further expand its employment of people with (dis)abilities across other states in Australia and is committed to demonstrating inclusion through ongoing marketing campaigns.

*Kmart’s employment program places a strong emphasis on ability not disability.