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Coles Brand Suppliers integrated with Coles Fusion


During the financial year, Coles launched a new database, Fusion, which provides a key interface between Coles and Coles Brand suppliers.

Fusion allows suppliers to enter information about Coles Brand products such as ingredients and county of origin.

In addition to updating information about their products, Coles Brand suppliers can also use Fusion to access safety and quality standards, product specifications, and Coles’ technical and responsible sourcing policies. It also houses information about ethical sourcing, where suppliers can record information about their labour policies and practices.

Coles and its suppliers have benefited because processes are simpler, more streamlined and easier to manage. Fusion has enabled information previously housed in up to nine different systems to be stored in one database.

Coles’ customers have benefited as Coles Brand product information now automatic flows to product pages on the Coles Online shopping site, while Coles’ Customer Care have easier access to information to answer customer queries.

Fusion also allows tracking of projects such as the roll-out of the Health Star Rating Program, and maintenance of responsible sourcing initiatives.

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